Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Cornfield (take1) & more Union infantry.

I spent quite a bit of time working on a 'Christmas tree' cornfield as seen over on the TMP forum. very fiddly and I'm afraid to say that the result is far from convincing. I wanted individual clumps that could be removed as troops move inside the field, but I simply cannot see it as representing corn/maize at all! So, after hours of work its back to the drawing board. I will re-use the bases for trees and markers and probably look into using a plastic front door mat for the corn (see pic below from the 'Lardies' site, looks more convincing does it not? Shame I wasted so much time on it).

On a more positive note I have finished a 25 figure Union regiment advancing, and am starting next on a 15 figure Reb unit in firing line poses. These units look better as skirmishers. I'm close to finishing my first 2 brigades and soon hope to have them in action. The quality of the peter pig casting is superb, crisp and clean with no need at all to clean up or remove flash, a real pleasure to paint.

Here's a link to some 'Lardie' ACW pics, some great painting on this page, scroll down for the 'doormat' cornfield pics! Actually, all of the terrain shots are pretty inspiring.

Back soon with that Confederate firing line unit plus (hopefully) a more convincing cornfield.


  1. Just lovely - can't tell you how close it was when I started my ACW project between the PP guys and the one's I eventually chose... always clean, crisp, and chock-full of character..... have you bought the "rude" pack yet??? :o))

  2. Hello Steve,

    The 'rude' pack is great! I'm sure I will have to work a few into my units, I love the guy dropping his trousers/pants :-)