Sunday, 22 May 2011

More terrain.

Been busy making some more fields and road sections, plus I made a surrounded area for my cornfield and I'm finally happy with it, no more tweaking! I really enjoy this aspect of the hobby and I want to try to achieve 'model railway' standard scenics overall. I do prefer this type of 'lay on' terrain and I want to keep everything modular on matching bases. The main baseboard has yet to be painted/flocked so I laid a few bits out on a green cloth, apologies for the poor lighting.

Everything is made from thick card bases then painted with a thick mix of PVA/paint then flocked in a variety of shades. Fences from cocktail sticks. The light green flock finishes everything nicely I think.


  1. Those look great! The fences around the fields add a lot.

  2. That's some great looking terrain Lee! Do the cardboard bases surivive warping using the PVA? I've used cardboard myself on smaller fields but I've never tried anything as large as you have there.


  3. Thank you both for the comments. Josiah, I did note your previous comment regarding the corn bases and have removed some of the static grass, I agree they look better.

    Ian, the bases are made from quite thick board, actually old kids book covers. What I find is that if just paint and PVA are used (no filler)any initial warping tends to dry out flat, but the terrain remains flexible enough to bend slightly without damage. I'm very pleased with the road sections and the way they go together. I'm planning some curved sections and some stream sections next, plus farmstead/town bases will also be modular. Won't be long before my first JR2 refresher game. I also plan to replace the original game 'markers' with something more visually pleasing, more to come on that later.