Wednesday, 25 May 2011

More 'Yanks' + new painting service!

I have been asked several times recently if I would accept commissions for painting miniatures. Having given this a lot of thought, (and finding myself with a fair bit of spare time on my hands), I have decided to offer a painting service. It will be limited only to the periods that I personally enjoy painting, mainly American Civil War, English Civil War and Napoleonics. I'm going to offer an excellent value price on 15mm ACW's as I love painting them! For full details please visit my new painting service blog (link at right), where you will see many examples of my work.

For ACW gamers I'm going to offer my services at the following rates:

15mm American Civil War.
Infantry figure .... £1.00 per figure.
Cavalry figure ......£1.75 per figure.
Gun + 4 crew........£ 5.00.

28mm ACW.
infantry figure .....£2.00 per figure.
Cavalry figure ......£3.00 per figure.
Gun + 4 crew .......£10.00.

High quality basing +10%.

Figures to be supplied please, price is for painting only.

The quality of the work will be as seen here and on my other blogs. I will only accept commissions that I can realistically deliver upon in an agreed time frame, I want to offer you excellent quality plus reliability of service. I am based in the Uk, down on the Kent coast. For further details please visit my new 'The War Artist' blog. For examples of my 28mm Napoleonic work please visit my'Napoleonic Wargames Project' blog.

I can be contacted initially at:

Thank you.

Here is my latest ACW unit, 500 men (25 figures) Union advancing/charging. Peter Pig figures of course!


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