Saturday, 7 May 2011

Skirmishers & that cornfield again!

I like to paint at least one 'firing line' unit per brigade as they look better when in skirmish formation. JR2 allows any unit to skirmish or to deploy detached skirmishers of up to 2 stands. I prefer to use an entire unit as it simplifies play slightly. Skirmish formation is between 1 & 2 stands width apart. Regiments may also form 'extended line' formation when they need to 'shake down' slightly to cover an area wider than their frontage.

Here's the latest 300 man (15figures) regiment loading and firing. You can see I have placed some of the corn sections that I made earlier on my photo board in order to try and convince myself that it is actually useable, but I'm still not happy with it. It still looks too much like a forest of xmas trees to me! Its worth noting that US agricultural practice at that time was to plant corn/maize in clumps rather than neat rows as we see today. (Amazing what you can learn on TMP forum!).

Next week I will be ordering some Hovels buildings, a Games Workshop mat and more scenic materials for building fences etc. I'm now painting another 25 figure Union regiment.

All figures from 'Peter Pig' & painted by myself.

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